Theresa’s Thoughts

    Fun Facts over a 62 year time-frame

    The S & P 500 has hit 1176 new highs since its 1957 inception. History suggests that investors should expect markets to ascend to many new highs over their lifetimes, even if the path isn’t always a straight one.

    Here are some fun facts to back that statement up: 

    Volatility - It goes both ways!

    Recently the market has been doing great positive things! It has been going higher, and the S&P 500 hit a record high today as I write this.

    The Ebb and Flow of the Stock Market

    Equities are great when on sale.  

    People will flock to buy things on sale, as consumers, but ironically flee when equity investments go down/are on sale.

    Big point to remember is...

    How do you define "SAFE"?

    Safe is not keeping your money in treasuries, bonds, or the bank for long term investing. It certainly is not safe to put your money into CDs thinking that this yield is a better investment than a diversified equities portfolio.

    The Power of Reinvesting Dividends

    Dividend payouts are not dependent on the price of the company.  While prices generally increase, reinvesting dividends can help you purchase additional shares to boost your return over time, through compounding.  This is why we reinvest our dividends, to provide an income, along with increasing capital that one will not outlive.

    This Too Shall Pass

    We recently had our annual Economic Update, and the theme was Three Bear Markets in Fifty years. To summarize here are some take aways from my presentation:

    The Folly Of Believing In Gold As An Investment!

    Recently the August 7th online edition of the Wall Street Journal had an article: “When Markets Get Scary, Mom and Pop Buy Gold.”

    To set the record straight...


    In the last days of July the S&P500 was trading nearly one thousand points higher than its closing low of October 12, 2022.

    I want to remind you that those of us who experience a market decline as opportunists don’t merely outperform those who experience it as victims.

    You are in it to win it!

    So here we are in the middle of summer, and more than half of 2023 is over. I hope that everyone reading this is doing well and enjoying their summer. I am writing to remind you that many of the predictions from the prognosticators in the beginning of the year never came to fruition. 

    Warm Feeling of Being Invested in a Diversified Portfolio of Well Managed Companies

    During this month of June, as summer approaches with warmer weather and longer days, I am reminded of the warm feeling of being invested in a diversified portfolio of well managed companies.